Wisdom of the Day from Ted Baxter

“I tell you, this is a great country. You know what makes it great? Because you don’t have to be witty or clever as long as you can hire someone who is.” —Ted Baxter


Julia Louis-Dreyfus on Idolizing Mary Tyler Moore

“I love Mary Tyler Moore and, of course, Lucille Ball, too. But Mary was more accessible. I liked her because she was funny, and she was feminine. She didn’t compromise her femininity to be humorous, which is an easy trap for women to fall into.”

Former CBS Executive Mike Dann on Negotiating with ‘Creative Types’

“You’re negotiating with [producers] for a major commitment of a couple million dollars. You never are too enthusiastic [about their show] when you’re dealing with them. As a consequence, the creative people think they know everything, but they don’t. While my career depends upon them, at the time they make the deal, they’re the opposition.”

Norman Lear on the Importance of Network Patience

“If CBS, in the person of Bob Wood, hadn’t understood that a fresh entertainment menu was needed at CBS for success in the long term … if the network hadn’t dropped all the constraints of numbers-driven management just long enough for All in the Family to get in the door … if they hadn’t taken a leap of faith by ignoring the ‘hard’ numerical data of the research which said that America would not find Archie Bunker entertaining—the test results were the absolute lowest—they would have effectively squelched whatever innovation we were fortunate enough to bring to television comedy.”