Heather at MTM house!

Here are a few photos from my friend Heather’s trip to Minneapolis to visit the MTM sites, something I did recently as well. (And so did Ellen DeGeneres, seen here with the Mary statue.) Minneapolis is really lovely, and the house is in a neighborhood that’s particularly gorgeous. And the house itself! It appears to be a single-family private home now, and it’s absolutely stunning, as you can see — even when random tourists are taking their photo in front of it.











UPDATE: After I posted this, a Twitter friend, Coleen Harris (I’m @jenmarmstrong on Twitter, Coleen is @cdawg2610), sent me this adorable photo of her mom at the MTM statue. She says, “My brother and sister drove across the country about 6 years ago and my mom flew out to Minnesota to meet them — and go to the statue!  There were actually some foreign tourists there too, who loved my mom taking a photo at the statue they asked if they could take her photo too.” When I was there, I totally wanted a pic of myself like this but didn’t have anyone with me to take it; instead, I tried to take a photo of the woman posing in full hijab next to it, but had a camera fail. In any case, I’m glad we have this one of Coleen’s mom instead: