Mary Tyler Moore Fashion: Victoria Beckham’s ’60s-Inspired Spring Collection

Everything in Victoria Beckham’s new “Victoria” line of desirable spring dresses with a 1960s retro vibe just shouts “Mary Tyler Moore and her TV besties.” From the sweet A-line shifts that Mary might wear to work to the whimsical prints that Phyllis could pull off (and possibly Rhoda, too), the designer formerly known as Posh … Continue reading

What’s Mary Richards Really Like? Apparently, a fashion fiend …

The red dress from the beginning of the episode.

No doubt Mary Richards’ clothes make a huge impact. Costumer Leslie Hall often hogged a good portion of the audience warm-up time at weekly tapings just answering questions about Mary’s gorgeous working-girl-but still-feminine duds. This couldn’t be clearer than in the third-season episode “What’s Mary Richards Really Like?,” about a vitriolic male newspaper columnist wanting to interview Mary about being the only woman in the newsroom at WJM. (You can watch the whole episode on Hulu here.)

This script was written by bombshell Susan Silver, who, just to give you some context, was interviewed for a similar article at the time about being a female comedy writer, and it ran under the headline “The Writer Wears Hot Pants.” And yes, she posed for the photo next to her typewriter, in hot pants, and looked great. Hilariously, the first third of this entire episode is essentially about Mary’s clothes. She starts out in her apartment trying on a gorgeous fire-engine red dress and scarf when Rhoda brings her a matching purse to borrow. “When I want to wear my purse, can I borrow your dress?” Rhoda cracks. “And your figure?” Mary wonders if she should wear something more conservative for the interview and pulls out a suit, though Rhoda says that will make her look like an usher. (She is correct.) Rhoda asks if the interviewer is a man, and when Mary says yes, Rhoda pulls out a silky purple number, suggesting Mary wear just that. “It’s a blouse,” Mary chides her.

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