Wisdom of the Day from Ted Baxter

“I tell you, this is a great country. You know what makes it great? Because you don’t have to be witty or clever as long as you can hire someone who is.” —Ted Baxter


Jennifer Keishin Armstrong

This is from the working manuscript of my forthcoming book, Mary and Lou and Rhoda and Ted:

Anyone who wondered where Mary Richards got her chic sense of style—and many young women across the country wanted very much to know—stopped wondering when they saw Leslie Hall. The former beauty queen kept the trunk of her Plymouth stocked with clothing, sewing kits, and other emergency fashion supplies, and she kept herself dressed in the kind of fitted pantsuits, trench coats, flared slacks, and tailored blouses Mary’s character was becoming famous for.

Hall, who was married to an actor, grew up in Chicago and moved west as a young model to seek work as a showgirl. After her divorce in 1953, she went to work in live TV at CBS Television City. Though she’d hoped to be a set designer, she settled for costume design when she found the set world…

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