Mary Tyler Moore Fashion: Victoria Beckham’s ’60s-Inspired Spring Collection

Everything in Victoria Beckham’s new “Victoria” line of desirable spring dresses with a 1960s retro vibe just shouts “Mary Tyler Moore and her TV besties.” From the sweet A-line shifts that Mary might wear to work to the whimsical prints that Phyllis could pull off (and possibly Rhoda, too), the designer formerly known as Posh Spice has certainly outdone herself with her latest collection. (Twee hipster Michelle Williams is a fan, not surprisingly.) Which begs the question: Is Beckham a closet MTM-watcher? I’ll go with yes, because I love the idea of the ex-singer-cum-serious-fashion-lady taking sartorial inspiration from one of the most style-forward series of all time. And if I had a million dollars, I’d order every one of these plus some new James Perse turtlenecks, thank you very much. Turtlenecks = timeless. Mary got it right.


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