Toulouse Lautrec is my favorite artist

Two quick thoughts about this excellent episode! One, the writers go the Tall Girl scrunch moves (one step down, one knee on the chair, etc.) totally right — so much so that I was surprised the episode was written by men. Maybe one of them is a short guy himself! I also thought it was funny she was calling herself a “height bigot” because a short guy I went on a date with once accused me of being a “heightist.” (I was like, no, the problem isn’t that you’re short, it’s that I don’t particularly like you.”)

And two, I thought it was cool that there was a no-big-deal, non-derogatory gay joke in this one too — after her coworker (I’m not good on names yet) re-shoots her interview with the writer so that it looks like the writer’s asking HIM to dinner at the end, Mary mentions that a lot of people called in wanting to know how his and the writer’s dinner went. It was a cute joke and no one made a big deal out of it.

Looking forward to catching more eps! —Andi


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